Brazzers 的33个系列的介绍

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著名成人色情公司Brazzers 的33个系列的介绍

第一个系列:Mons in control
There*s nothing hotter than seeing a wholesome MILf get dirty, and that*s exactly whatMILFs in Control is all about: the hottest, sluttiest cougars in the businesstaking control of sexy situations to get exactly what they want. Feast youreyes as these mature beauties suck and fuck huge cocks, dominating big-dickstuds and hot teen sluts until they get the cum that all MILFs crave!

第二个系列:Pornstars like it big 
Areal big dick, that*s what everyone wants. Porn-stars are no exception, all thebiggest stars agree; BIG COCK is for them. Check out how it stretches theirtiny pussies and cums on their round tits. We*ve got the best chicks jockingthe biggest dicks

第三个系列:Big tits at work (办公室系列)
Sittingat your desk, wishing you can fuck every busty coworker you have? Well, stopdreaming and step inside Big Tits At Work where you can watch real life workadventures caught on tape. Nothing But Big Breasted Work Professionals gettingdrilled all day long...

第四个系列:Big tits at school (学校系列)
Thewindows have been fogging up at Big Tits At School. Just take a peek inside oneof our classrooms and you*ll see our smoking hot busty students and big boobeddominant teachers getting their wet pussies stuffed with cock. Stay in yourseat! you haven*t been dismissed yet.

第五个系列:Baby got boobs (这个系列是不是应该翻译成童颜巨ru系列)

Allgrown up, from Lolita to total slut, baby has boobs and she isn*t afraid toshow them. But does she know how to use them? These teens crave monster cock intheir tight pussies, whether they*re ready for a big dicking is another matter.No Crying now!

第六个系列:Real wife stories (人妻故事)
Youmight bring home the bacon, but your wife is still starving. That slut ishungry for cock, she can*t get enough, and if you starve her any more she*llget it wherever she can. Better leave work early, or your big-titted wife mightjust have some giant cock getting squeezed into her waiting pussy, and it won*tbe yours.

第七个系列:Teens like it big (少女系列)
Whether they know it or not, teens love bigstiff cocks in their tight pussies. Nothing goes better together than a tight,willing teen and a huge dick. In her bedroom or sneaking out to herboyfriend*s, teens just want it all. Cum inside to see greedy sluts get morethan they asked for

Thisis the spot for all our high-end content. ZZ series is exclusive footage that offers only the best in terms of story, stars and action. Check out the hottestporn-stars having the nastiest sex here at the ZZ series

第九个系列:Mommy got boobs (巨ru人妻,boobs应该都是巨ru系列)
Whenhubby*s away MILFS will play. Older women just crave cock, and they*reexperienced enough to know that only a young stud will do. Big-titted slutseverywhere are sucking and fucking in secret, giving it away to anybody theycan. At Mommy Got Boobs, you can get some MILF of your own.

第十个系列:Milfs like it big (milf=mother I*d like to fuck应该是和人妻XX吧)
When hubby*s away milfy will play. Thesebored housewives want to get fucked and they want it now. They*re experiencedand know what they want. America*s suburbs are full of these cum-de-sacs justwaiting to get laid. Their round tits and thick asses are just begging for it.Cum inside, but don*t park out front!

第十一个系列:Big tits in uniform (这个应该是制服诱惑)
Bigtitted wonders are all around us, doing the toughest jobs in the tightestuniforms. Look at them just bursting out of that blouse, or over there, bulgingunder that nurse*s uniform. You know when those tight uniforms come off thesesluts go wild, sucking and fucking cocks left and right, their big tits justbouncing. I can*t wait to punch the clock.

第十二个系列:Doctor radventures (这个在医院的,应该是护士系列吧)
Everhad fantasies about fucking your hot doctor? Live out your fantasies ondoctoradventures.com. Countless doctor, patient scenarios come to life on thissite with the sexiest and bustiest doctors imaginable! This is your one stopfor the best in doctor porn in the world!

第十三个系列:Brazzers exxtra(这个应该也是合集吧,懂的人说说看)
"Brazzers Exxtra" is a doorway tonew, unseen hardcore content! There are countless Brazzers videos that were notreleased throughout the years and we haven*t been able to show them to youuntil now. Random videos staring the world*s most popular pornstars, fresh newindustry faces and a whole lot more! We*ll even throw in an occasional freevideo from our friends at Mofos, Twisty*s and Babes! Check it all out and letus know what you think. If you want more, we*ll get it for you!

第十四个系列:big tits in sports (运动系列)
Watchthem bounce, watch them score and look at the way they handle those balls! Bigtits in sports is here and so are the best big titted, athletic babes. Facialson the court and threesomes on the field, these busty sluts are ready foranything, even if it means playing dirty. Could you take them 1 on 1?

第十五个系列:Brazzers vault(vault的意思是地窖, 地下室 贵重物品储藏室, 地下保险库(教堂下的)墓穴, 棺椁, 安放骨灰的在下灵堂,这个应该是什么系列不是非常清楚)
We*vegot a whole super computer full of this stuff, technicians are working roundthe clock in the basement just to keep the thing from overheating. Yeah, thisporno is hot. We need to get it out of before the whole thing melts down,that*s why it*s on the net, for you our loyal Brazzers Members. All the bestscenes from all the best girls. In the World. Period.

第十六个系列:Big butts like it big (butts是屁股的意思,呵呵)
Youhave to pair like with like. And big butts have to have big dicks to go withthem. There*s really no choice for these big round asses and the babes who fuckwith them. Big assed bitches love it hard and deep, and won*t have it any otherway. Let the ass stuffing begin.

第十七个系列:Big wet butts (湿鸟,屁股?)
Anice, big, round butt is a special shape. Begging for powerful doggy style orstraight anal penetration, cover a big butt in oil and it becomes a big wetbutt, a true rarity. Watch these soft, tight asses get slathered and poundedlike you only wish you could. Look at it bounce!

第十八个系列:Day with a pornstar (一个艳星的一天)
Weall know what our favorite stars can do on camera. We*re familiar with the waythey fuck and suck. What you don*t get to see is what they do on their owntime. Day With a Porn-star will show you everything, from crazy parties tototal babe pals. Nobody else has access like this, it*s the closest you get toliving the dream.

第十九个系列:Dirty masseur(男按摩师系列)
Take a moment and unwind. Lay down, relax,and enjoy watching and wanking to these luscious Brazzers beauties getting goodand greasy. Boobs, butts, and other lady-parts are at their prettiest whenshimmering with slick oil. Book an appointment, and slide on in with a lubedbabe. Believe me when I say, you*ll have the happiest of endings...

第二十个系列:Hot and mean(这个是不是应该是女同?)
The hottest bitches run together. Hot, meanlesbians love to fuck each other and hate each other for being so beautiful.These lesbo sluts can*t get enough pussy and love girl on girl action. Forgetthe dicks, these) chicks don*t need *em. You can watch though, they love that.

第二十一个系列:Sex pro adventures(加强版吗?)
Havingtrouble with your dick-style? The sex pros are here and they*ll teach youeverything you need to know to be a better man. At your place or theirs, thesesluts just want to have a good time. Don*t worry, she*s a professional.

第二十二个系列:she*s gonna squirt (看图标应该能看到是喷泉,应该是潮吹系列)
Enter the wet world of female ejaculationat shesgonnasquirt! Exclusive hardcore porn of your top pornstars squirtingwill excite you beyond belief. She*s Gonna Squirt is home to the best in HDsquirting sex videos. How to make a girl*s pussy squirt is an art and should nolonger remain a mystery, so join now to become a master.、

第二十三个系列:Asses in public(公共场合系列?当众?)
Sex in public can present its challenges,never fear, we*re willing to accept them. There*s something hot about asses outin the street that we just can*t deny. Porn-stars fucking on public or just hotgirls showing their asses in the airport, we*ve got both and then some. Assesin Public has the roundest asses and the biggest tits just hanging out, whereWILL we show up next?

第二十三个系列:Bustyz (丰满)
If the internet was a town we*d have thebiggest tits around. We still do though, because Bustyz features only the bestendowed porn stars in solo and group action. Watch these big-titted babes takecock, suck twat and show off their massive jugs. Real or fake, we don*t judge,everyone*s welcome under the big tit tent

第二十四个系列:Busty and real (丰满和真实)
Sometimesyou need to take a break from the silicon football set. Busty and real has allthe real jugs you need. Round. Soft. and as real as they come. These babes arerocking exactly what momma gave them. They*ve not afraid to show off theirassets and get slammed with dick in the process.

第二十五个系列:Hot chicks big asses(大屁股?)
Everyone gather round; the giant ass. Ababe can be hot in a lot of ways and having a big round ass is one of the best.All shapes, sizes and types these girls are the best of the best. Round,supple, jiggling asses taking on dicks and other pussies in equal measure.

第二十六个系列:Clothed female nude male(穿衣服的女性和裸体的男人?)
Welcome to the world of clothed femalesluts fucking, humiliating and dominating naked men, giving them a dose of whatit feels like to be owned. If you love women with power dominating wimpy guysand showing them who*s boss; women who crave for cock but get it exactly howthey want it, that*s what you*ll find here. Simply put, the guys don*t fuck thewomen, the women fuck the guys and make them feel like whores!

第二十七个系列:Jug fuckers (这个是不是koujiao)
Like a sex hot-dog, a big dick fits nicelybetween two soft, round tits. Tit-fucking isn*t easy and never will be. Ourgirls are pros and take big loads on their faces and tits with a smile. From DDto the smallest things going, we*ve got every type of tit- fuck around.

第二十八系列:Jizz on my jugs (这个应该是吞jing)
Ever hear of a pearl necklace? Cumming on agirl*s tits is a time honored tradition, and our slutty babes are carrying thetorch. They crave hot cum on their round and supple tits. And plenty of wellhung studs are happy to oblige. Shoot on over and check out the money shots.

第二十九个系列:Teens like it black (少女和黑人)
Teensjust wanna piss their parents off; no rules, spring break, big black cocks.They love pushing things to the limit, how big and black can it be? Only teengirls know. Watch them get more than they bargained for, long black cocksdrilling their tight, inexperienced pussies. It*s an epic fuck when the biggestand the tightest meet.

第三十个系列:Racks and blacks(rack的意思是行李架;支架;刑架;(羊、猪等带前肋的)颈脊,不知道这个和黑人系列有什么区别)
Allthe interracial action you need is here. Big *ol black cocks ramming andjamming pussies to the limit. All types of different girls fall prey to the venerableblack dick. Wet pussies and fat asses? Bring it on. There*s nothing our stableof asses can*t handle, they*ll keep cumming and cumming.

第三十二个系列:Butts and black(黑人大diao?)
Giantblack dicks paired with round asses and garnished with the tightest pussies ofall colors. Butts and Blacks delivers on its name sake, only the biggest dicksrocking the thickest chicks. These round honeys can take it all in and bouncearound like it*s a pogo stick. Come check out these soft round asses gettingthe attention they deserve.

第三十三个系列:HQ honeys(极品宝贝
Do you want porn-stars or adult models?Thought so. HQ honeys has the sexiest babes getting down solo and with theirpals, just for you. These aren*t regular girls, they*re perfect specimens ofthe whole babe-race. Plenty of premium babes playing inside.





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